The Tibetan Terrier

In general you can say that a Tibetan Terrier

  • has a loving mind
  • has a lot of humor
  • tolerates a lot from kids
  • is able to think independently
  • has a rare ability to fit in anywhere
  • is easily integrated into the family 


A Tibetan Terrier is not a Terrier but a herding, watch & companion dog for nomads and monks in Tibet. It is indeed watchful but it never barks consistently and it is never aggressive. It is a true companion dog who loves company. An intelligent, happy and self-conscious family-dog, with whom it is a pleasure living with. It does not require a lot but loves taking part in whatever the family does. It has a great ability to understand what is required from it and adapt accordingly. It is affectionate and indulgent towards kids. Raising a Tibetan Terrier must happen in a kind and consistent manner.


The Tibetan Terrier is a middle sized, squared and long-haired dog. The 

tail is of medium length, set on fairly high and carried in a gay curl over the back. It comes across as robust and harmonious with a resolute expression. The beautiful, brown eyes are partly hidden under the long double coat. A well-built Tibetan Terrier moves effortlessly with great agility. 

The Tibetan Terrier is medium-sized 36-41 cm - bitches a bit smaller. Weight is between 8 and 13 kg. All colours are allowed except liver- and chocolate brown or merle. 


A well groomed Tibetan Terrier is a pleasure to the eye. Sharing your life with a Tibetan Terrier also means accepting a few hours of grooming every week. It is not difficult to do - it just takes a bit of patience and the bonding you achieve makes it very well spent time.