About LepaLamto

LepaLamto is Good Luck in Tibetan. According to the legend a Tibetan Terrier – also known as ‘The Holy Dog of Tibet’ was never sold but given as a gift to bring good luck!


Why Lamleh focus

Our historical interest in this wonderful bred began in the summer of 2015, where we met Søren Therkelsen, Kennel Lamlux (DK). His stories about how the Tibetan Terrier came to Europe around 1926 by the help of Dr. Agnes Greig, Kennel Lamleh in UK, fascinated os. Because of that we decided that our breeding will be based on Dr. Greig’s Lamleh line and thereby 100% descendants of the original population of the breed Ahokyi Apso’s – exported out of Tibet before 1951. We hope with this choice to contribute to preserving the cultural and genetic inheritance from the native Tibet and ensure that our fantastic breed maintains the attributes it has represented for about 2000 years as one of the world’s 14 ancient breeds.


Who are we

We have started off a bit late with dogs and breeding. Throughout many years we both had active and rewarding business careers with life and travel not allowing time for dogs and dog activities.

Today we enjoy our dog-life to full extent at the same time as spending time doing other interesting things – however mostly with our dog joining us! To name a few interests: wine and winetrips (easily done with dogs), hiking in Europe, biking (only the male part of the household) and adventures in our small camper. A Tibetan Terrier is perfect for those activities. She/he is happy staying in a hotel, sitting in a gondola, a bike trailer, a bus or lying calmly under the table on a restaurant, in the tasting room at the winegrower or where else you would bring her/him!

And yes, we obviously also spend quality time on dog training, at dog shows and together with all the lovely dog-people we have met during the last years. Our 2 lovely Tibetan Terriers - Lepa & Kamala - are described in details under the menu ´Hometeam´.

We live now - after 20 great years in Luxembourg - in wonderful Nordjylland at the West-coast north of Aalborg.


Relevant education

Lene has participated in breeding training (Opdrætter uddannelsen) at the Danish Kennel Club as well as the course qualifying for running a dog breeding business (Hundeholder uddannelsen). 


Association memberships

We are members of Dansk Kennel Klub (DKK) as well as Klubben for Små Selskabshunde (KSS).