When the moving day arrives, the puppies will bring:

  • Basis-Plus Pedigree from Danish Kennel Club (DKK)
  • Health certificate from the vet and EU Passport – as well as being chipped
  • Overview of the socialisation process
  • First vaccinations and dewormings
  • Collar and leash 
  • Food for the first period
  • Plaything with familiar smell
  • Care description
  • 8-10 weeks of kisses and love and maybe a little bit of upbringing

Puppies & Puppyplans

Puppies from LepaLamto

Our breeding program is based on the Lamleh lines Dr. Greig imported to Europe in 1926. We make a profound effort to preserve and maintain the original attributes and select dogs with the very best health, mentality and correct exterior.

We work according to the breeding recommendations from Klubben for Små Selskabshunde i Danmark (Club Canis-Minor in Denmark) and our puppies come with a Basis-Plus Pedigree (increased demands for justifying the health and qualities of the parent dog and bitch).

We strive for perfect socialisation during the first 8 weeks and besides being exposed to household sounds and normal activities they join a structured process for optimal socialisation which we document for the new owners to build on going forward. 

We welcome visits after 3 weeks and we match families and puppies at around 7 weeks of age. Obviously we are happy seeing the future families many times and for them to closely follow the exciting development.

After our babies move to their forever loving families, we look forward to hearing news about their lives and help with advices regarding grooming, further socialisation and any other relevant questions. 

We use the purchasing contract developed by DKK.

First litter - born on 12th of June 2020!                               

Our Lamleh-babies after Lepa and Bhodi have arrived! (See below for more information about pedigree and health)


4 beautiful sable - 2 girls and 2 boys - in healthy condition and with courage in life have moved into our hearts and our home! The delivery went well and Lepa is excercising her super-mother skills!


These days they eat, sleep, eat and sleep again and we enjoy seeing them growing day by day!


Puppies after handsome Bhodi (Wanted Nice Dog's Fuzu Lamleh) and Lepa (Dawa's Jingle Bell).

All babies are spoken for!

Bhodi, born 14.11.2011                             Lepa, born 20.11.2015

Health information:

The Puppies' Pedigree: